Location: Schlötter Ireland DAC, 5 Pine Road, Naas Enterprise Park, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland, W91KH68.
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Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)


Schlötter Ireland has a strong well established record in the area of EH&S. We are ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certified and over the years we have introduced a number of initiatives which have proved to be beneficial to the environment and have reduced costs. We have passed on and shared many of these cost saving and environmentally friendly initiatives to our customers and this has resulted in benefits to ourselves, our customers and the environment. Below are the main benefits that Schlötter have successfully achieved over the years and we continue to strive for improvements in this key area of business.

  • ISO 14001 certification since 2001
  • Occupational H&S ISO certification since 2014
  • We have always worked hard on improving the safety at work of our employees and this has been reflected in the fact that we have had no serious injuries during our 40 years in Ireland
  • Risk assessments are carried out on a regular basis and all new processes which are installed are checked for potential hazards
  • Employees are issued with the correct garments, footwear and respiratory equipment for the tasks that they are assigned
  • We are fully compliant with all current Irish and EU legislation relating to EH&S
  • Our Package Recycling Programme which has been in existence for the past 20 years has reduced our packaging requirements by approximately 10 fold. This initiative requires established and potential customers to participate fully in this environmentally friendly and cost effective procedure
  • We employ a full time H&S officer
  • All our operators, stores personnel forklift and truck drivers have been trained in chemical handling and spillage containment
  • We employ two full time DGSA’s (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor)
  • A full description of each of our products is submitted to customers in advance of delivery through a Material Data Sheet (MDS).
  • All Packaging and Labelling is fully EU compliant
  • Regular refresher courses are organized for all employees

The 5 S’s is employed throughout the company to improve Safety, Quality & Productivity

Schlötter Ireland DAC, 5 Pine Road, Naas Enterprise Park, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland, W91KH68.